About Us

North Shore Adventures Inc. offers ATV rentals and tours, snowmobile rentals and tours, kayak and canoe rentals, and fishing tours.  The company makes the most of the natural environment in the community of Eel River Bar which provides access to snowmobile trails in the winter and a beach in the summer.  The business is a unique offering for its target market which is defined as:

“People looking for an outdoor adventure, a thrill to get their heart pumping, and life-long memories with family and friends.”

Unfortunately, North Shore Adventures had to suspend operations as COVID-19 completely disrupted the tourism industry.  The business was planning to expand to include Seadoos, bikes, and other activities, but the interruption to the business put these investments on hold in the short term.

As a true entrepreneur, Tim Caplin (the owner of North Shore Adventures) is now exploring other businesses that he could open to provide him work through the COVID-19 pandemic in order to make a living.  He still expects to grow North Shore Adventures in the future to include cottages, hunting trips, extreme tubing, and the expansion of fishing tours.  

Tim went out to B.C when he was 14 years and spent two years learning to build houses.  By the age of 17, he was back in Atlantic Canada building a house.  At 18, he began motocross racing until he broke his shoulder.  Now at 27, he lives in New Brunswick and is the owner of North Shore Adventures where he brings his 22+ years of experience in hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and ATV riding.

In addition to his work at North Shore Adventures, Tim uses his previous experience to do some construction – building and renovating homes.  He is an avid salmon & lobster fishermen as well as a hunter to provide fresh meat for his family.  Tim loves that outdoors, has two hunting lodges, and enjoys off-roading in his built jeep.

You can learn more about North Shore Adventures on its Facebook site.